Portrait of a Lady

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Here’s a lovely tribute to art imitating life, and then still more art giving the imitation still more life (but not more still life). Did you get that? Well, maybe you can ask your classmates for notes. Anyway, we choose the classic title of a classic novel for the title of this classic piece, but it is also known to the author andreysue2 as “Blue Sunday No Flash.”

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Commanders in Chief

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Thanks to Morpheus user mr-r34 for this one – great attention to detail here. We like the morphs of the coifs almost as much as that of the nicely-transitioning facial expressions. Definitely a keeper.

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Walk Down the Corridors of Time (Mum to Lulu, or “Laugh”)

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This is one of those charmingly surreal uses of a classic b/w portrait with a new color one, and across generations. Really nicely done, in our opinion. We’re guessing from the file names that this is a mother-daughter combination. Thanks to wl_missnono for sending it in.

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All Grown Up

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Got this time lapse (or generation-leaping, depending) treasure in from anlongbeach.

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Morpheus Covered in Digital Photographer

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Morpheus Photo Morpher got a nice writeup in the most recent edition of trade magazine Digital Photographer. To see the review, just click on the cover image below.

Digital Photography cover

Darwinian Devo

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Let’s go back in time through the corrective lenses of a Morpheus girl, to visit the ancestral past. Intelligent design, indeed.

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Happy Couple Dynamic Morph

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We liked this animation, as it uses still photos but introduces movement to give the morph a real dynamic feel, like a camera is zooming in while a girl is transforming, presumably into her significant other. We also like the effect of architecture transforming smoothly as an added bonus. Well done!

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A Beautiful Transformation

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We found this sophisticated morph in our archives. It shows the beautiful transformation of a girl into a woman – nicely done!

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Morpheus on

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Morpheus Software was covered on Check out the link here.