Hamster Time! – Hamster Morph

Our morphin’ jumpin’ jivin’ hiphopin’ furry-creature lovin’ creativeness has done it again, launching yet another lovable, danceable animal animation on YouTube. This one features a pet that may have slipped out of fashion but is definitely back in the spotlilght now – a hamster – let out of his/her(?) cage to invade the screens of fans of Kitty Said What? and I’m a Pug!.

Cat Meets Kitty – Say Wha’?

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This came in from Morpheus’ YouTube fanbase. Meow. As for letting your kitty crawl all over your laptop – file under These Are Professionals, Don’t Try This At Home Kids ;)

Hungry Doggies – Morphing Breeds

We keep rockin’ and YouTube keeps stockin’ morphin’ movies. Check this one out, fresh for the holidays, garnering hits and generating comments like “I love your videos and so does my bro please make more.”

I’m a Pug! Woop – Morphin’ Pugs

More quirky animating animals, more catchy tunes & good fun from our friends, as we tallies up the hits (625K+ as of this posting) on YouTube with the rockin’ good time of I’m a Pug! Woop – Morphin’ Pugs, a crowd pleasing, morphed-out music video sensation from the wacky land of pets bent on entertaining us video-glazed humans.

This clip has also garnered 11 YouTube Honors: #58 – Most Viewed (This Month) | #2 – Most Viewed (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #3 – Top Rated (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #96 – Most Discussed (This Month) | #3 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #83 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Pets & Animals | #18 – Top Favorites (This Month) | #1 – Top Favorites (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #70 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Pets & Animals | #4 – Most Linked (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #33 – Recently Featured – Pets & Animals

In addition, “I’m a Pug” ringtone has become a top ringtone download under the Other category on

“Women in Art” Huge YouTube Hit

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Women in ArtThere’s a beautiful, in-depth and inspiring new video on YouTube called Women in Art that morphs between an inspiring series of portraits of women in western art from a Byzantine fresco through Impressionism and Picasso. This video has received over a million user views in about a month since its posting. While we’re not 100% sure it was created using Morpheus, it’s sure looks that way, and we believe it well worth pointing to as yet another excellent use of this technology. There’s a lot of passion, patience and art appreciation in this video, which can easily be said to be a work of art itself. Take a look here.

Portrait of a Lady

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Here’s a lovely tribute to art imitating life, and then still more art giving the imitation still more life (but not more still life). Did you get that? Well, maybe you can ask your classmates for notes. Anyway, we choose the classic title of a classic novel for the title of this classic piece, but it is also known to the author andreysue2 as “Blue Sunday No Flash.”

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American Idolatry

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Thanks to frequent Morpheus collaborator (& Flash, branding and illustration wiz) Timothy Corrigan for this send up of American Idol.

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the photo album of the future

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alyssaMorpheus user and YouTube member thomastittle sent us a nice note pointing to his brilliant, remarkable and – yes – enchanting animation of “Alyssa.” You can view the video here. Complete with soundtrack, this is a cinematic, compelling, cleverly-paced use of Morpheus to tell the story of a child’s growth. It exudes all the love of a caring parent, and practically creates a new medium – the photo album of the future. Thanks thomastittle!

Foxy Lady Cartoon Kiss

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It’s nice when a short animation can portray a small action inside the morph, adding motion and narrative to the mix. This submission does that with style, going from the photographic to the cartoon world and sending the viewer a kiss in the process.

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Psychedelic Star Child

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Like a doll come to life in a Stephen King story, or an instantaneous snapshot across the room at the merry prankster’s midnight party, you see her eyes move toward you as she perceives your gaze and the color shift while all else remains the same. Killer concept and execution on this strobe effect morph. We like the butterflies and the sig too.

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The Larry Transformer

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This morphin’ machine will take larrys and other intimidating mugs and turn ‘em into indestructible armor plated robots that run amok in all the playgrounds of the nation. Also useful for creating garden sculptures to keep the crows out & scare the neighbors…

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CherryTap Morphin’ Avatars

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tn_1606638078.gifcherrytap is billed as the “Internet’s first online pub,” and they don’t mean publication. Seems like Morpheus has become a hit among a bunch of the early adoptors of cherrytap, for creating cutting-edge animated user images. cherrytap_logo.gifIt seems to help the community stay one step ahead of their obvious model, MySpace, as all things that come out of the Bay Area are slightly ahead of the curve in terms of style, innovation and sheer audacity. In any case, they’re open 24/7 (though still in stealth mode), and the party never stops. Morpheus at small size works well too – why have a static photo when you can self-display using a sophisticated animation created with Morpheus? We didn’t think of it, but we like it! Users always push the product to limits the developer-creators never dreamed of, and that’s a good thing. Tap into that!

I Must Have the Wrong Number

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Odd how the geometry of a room can feel suddenly yanked out from under you, like a proverbial carpet or a tablecloth at a fine dinner. What is the relation of these two women? Guess what, we have no idea either. It’s like “You know, I was just minding my own business, waiting for Bela Lugosi to come by, when suddenly it all changed and I was blond and on the phone — plus the house had changed.” We think David Lynch might enjoy this one; unfortunately that might also mean that not everyone will. Well, we have morphs and animations for all tastes. Sorry for the hiatus, but we’re BAAAACCKKK!

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