Oh No, My Kitty is EMO

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Hamster Time! – Hamster Morph

Our morphin’ jumpin’ jivin’ hiphopin’ furry-creature lovin’ creativeness has done it again, launching yet another lovable, danceable animal animation on YouTube. This one features a pet that may have slipped out of fashion but is definitely back in the spotlilght now – a hamster – let out of his/her(?) cage to invade the screens of fans of Kitty Said What? and I’m a Pug!.

Hungry Doggies – Morphing Breeds

We keep rockin’ and YouTube keeps stockin’ morphin’ movies. Check this one out, fresh for the holidays, garnering hits and generating comments like “I love your videos and so does my bro please make more.”

Kitty Said ‘I Love My Fans’

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The Kitty Said What? phenomenon continues. It’s outta control, spreading like wildfire in Malibu, inspiring talented kids to pay tribute, as you see here. Kitty was once lonely, but no longer. Kitty would like to thank its fans and introduce a new meower on the scene…

Halloween with’s CrazyTalk

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See more eery, morpheus-spiced and crazytalking seasonal animations at CrazyTalk allows anyone to create animations from any digital still image. Create a virtual cast of characters to deliver animated vocal performances for video, web, mobile or messaging projects.

Morpheus and Reallusion are working together in a new partnership to introduce their synergistic products to each other’s users.

I’m a Pug! Woop – Morphin’ Pugs

More quirky animating animals, more catchy tunes & good fun from our friends, as we tallies up the hits (625K+ as of this posting) on YouTube with the rockin’ good time of I’m a Pug! Woop – Morphin’ Pugs, a crowd pleasing, morphed-out music video sensation from the wacky land of pets bent on entertaining us video-glazed humans.

This clip has also garnered 11 YouTube Honors: #58 – Most Viewed (This Month) | #2 – Most Viewed (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #3 – Top Rated (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #96 – Most Discussed (This Month) | #3 – Most Discussed (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #83 – Most Discussed (All Time) – Pets & Animals | #18 – Top Favorites (This Month) | #1 – Top Favorites (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #70 – Top Favorites (All Time) – Pets & Animals | #4 – Most Linked (This Month) – Pets & Animals | #33 – Recently Featured – Pets & Animals

In addition, “I’m a Pug” ringtone has become a top ringtone download under the Other category on

Kitty Said What? – Morphin’ Kitties

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Catchy and infectious, our irresistible YouTube phenom "Kitty Said What?" pretty much starts and defines a new genre: pet rap. Having received 12K+ views in a week’s time [UPDATE: 3+ MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE], it’s delivered with inventive uses of morphing, sound sync and humour, and shows how Morpheus can serve as a cool tool in the arsenal of music video production. For kids of all ages. Way to go – definitely keep ‘em coming.