Morpheus Integrated with Photobucket

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The latest versions of Morpheus Software‘s photo animation and manipulation titles Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper, Morpheus Photo Mixer, and Morpheus Animation Suite are now integrated with Photobucket. Built using Photobucket’s API, the Morpheus titles provide Photobucket’s nearly 40 million users with the ability to morph and warp digital photos for fun and to then upload their morphed, warped, and blended photo animations and videos directly from inside the Morpheus programs to their Photobucket page. For more information, check out this page or go to Photobucket’s Application Gallery.


Morpheus Software Launches Social Networking Site inc. Upload to YouTube, PhotoBucket, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger

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A new version of all Morpheus software titles has been released with social networking features. Now you can upload your animations seamlessly from Morpheus programs to YouTube, PhotoBucket, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, and other great web destinations.

Gallery Example

Download the new version of Morpheus Photo Morpher at:

Download the new version of Morpheus Photo Animation Suite at:

Or visit the Morpheus homepage at:

Once you download the new version, under either program’s Share menu, select “Upload your morph to a website” and check out the new social networking features. From there, if you choose to upload to Morpheus Galleries, we’ll host your animations online for you for free where users will be able to view your creations, add their comments, rate them from 1 to 5 stars, and more. You can also view other users’ animations. Morpheus Galleries is similar to YouTube, except it is specifically focused on photo and video animations. Once your animations are uploaded, you can easily post them on countless social networking sites, into instant message windows, email messages, on your blog, and so on, all with just a mouse click.

“I’m a Pug” Featured on Yahoo Home Page

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Yahoo Pug

Halloween with’s CrazyTalk

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See more eery, morpheus-spiced and crazytalking seasonal animations at CrazyTalk allows anyone to create animations from any digital still image. Create a virtual cast of characters to deliver animated vocal performances for video, web, mobile or messaging projects.

Morpheus and Reallusion are working together in a new partnership to introduce their synergistic products to each other’s users.

Morpheus Software Introduces Photo Morpher, Photo Warper, Photo Mixer and Photo Animation Suite Software for the Mac

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miniapplestore.jpgMorpheus Software, a leading publisher of digital photo animation software, today announced the launch of Mac editions of their widely popular titles Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper, Morpheus Photo Mixer and Morpheus Photo Animation Suite, all developed from the ground up specifically for the Apple platform. [...] » Read entire press release here

Morpheus Software Releases Mac OS X Versions

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OS XOS X versions of all 4 major Morpheus Software products—Morpheus Photo Animation Suite, Morpheus Photo Morpher, Morpheus Photo Warper and Morpheus Photo Mixer—are now available for download at the Morpheus Software site. Starting in July, these products will hit the shelves of Apple Stores across the nation. So if you’re a Mac user and have been waiting for the killer animation and morphing app on your platform, the wait is over!

ImagiNation: The World of Photo Animation

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Morpheus Software has launched its brand spanking new e-publication, ImagiNation. Inside, you’ll find discounts and offers, news, software support and update information and special features designed to help you get the most from your Morpheus Software purchase. If you didn’t get the newsletter email, check it out here.

CherryTap Morphin’ Avatars

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tn_1606638078.gifcherrytap is billed as the “Internet’s first online pub,” and they don’t mean publication. Seems like Morpheus has become a hit among a bunch of the early adoptors of cherrytap, for creating cutting-edge animated user images. cherrytap_logo.gifIt seems to help the community stay one step ahead of their obvious model, MySpace, as all things that come out of the Bay Area are slightly ahead of the curve in terms of style, innovation and sheer audacity. In any case, they’re open 24/7 (though still in stealth mode), and the party never stops. Morpheus at small size works well too – why have a static photo when you can self-display using a sophisticated animation created with Morpheus? We didn’t think of it, but we like it! Users always push the product to limits the developer-creators never dreamed of, and that’s a good thing. Tap into that!

Morpheus Featured in Windows Marketplace

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Morpheus Photo Animation Suite is currently featured at Windows Marketplace, right in the sweet spot on the home page. Happy Holidays to all you animaniacs – morphers, mixers and warpers alike. Life is Suite!

Morpheus Featured in Windows Marketplace

Morpheus Covered in Digital Photographer

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Morpheus Photo Morpher got a nice writeup in the most recent edition of trade magazine Digital Photographer. To see the review, just click on the cover image below.

Digital Photography cover

“Laugh-Out-Loud Fun for Photo Fanatics”

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That’s what Computer Shopper had to say about Morpheus Photo Animation Suite.

“We don’t usually have to stop reviewing a product for a laughter break, but Morpheus Photo Animation Suite really adds something to digital-image editing: fun. This $59.95 suite lets you transform one photo into another, then export the result as an animation, a movie, or a still image.”

For the full article, click here.

Morpheus Hits the Shelves!

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Smith Micro’s Consumer Group Launches Morpheus Photo Animation Suite Into Retail Market.

Company Extends Its Consumer Product Line by Entering Into Exclusive Publishing Deal With Morpheus Software

Morpheus Box RetailALISO VIEJO, Calif., Oct. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Smith Micro Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMSI – News) today announced it has signed an exclusive publishing agreement with Morpheus Software, LLC., a leading publisher of digital photo animation software. The company’s pioneering product, known as Morpheus Photo Animation Suite™, contains three easy-to-use, creative photo animation products — Morpher, Warper and Mixer. These products enable users to morph, distort, exaggerate, or blend portions of multiple images into a single image. More…

Also check out Smith Micro’s clean presentation of Morpheus Photo Animation Suite in the graphics section of their online software store.

Into Tomorrow Features Morpheus

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Dave Graveline highlighted Morpheus Software on his radio show Into Tomorrow. Into TomorrowDave sent us this note: “I decided to also highlight Morpheus on our longform weekend show this week. We had good response from our Daily Feature on Morpheus and some of my staff have had some fun with the product, so I wanted to talk it up some more. You can hear the segment at the end of Hour 2 and see the additional coverage at”

Thanks Dave! Tell your staff to send us an animation or two – we’ll post them here!

We’ll Make Ya’ Famous!

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Want to create your own animations? Want to see your animation featured on Animania! for the world to check out? It’s easy! Simply…

  1. Download any of the animation programs here: Morpheus Photo Morpher for morphing one photo into another, Morpheus Photo Warper for warping and distorting photos, Morpheus Photo Mixer for blending two photos, or Morpheus Photo Animation Suite, which lets you enjoy all three programs at once.
  2. Create your animation.
  3. If you want to submit your animation to Animania! for our review, select “Post your morph to Animania!, the Morpheus Software blog” under the program’s “Share” menu.

That’s it!

If you prefer to point us to your Morpheus animation live on a web site like YouTube or MySpace, simply email the link to Either way, if we select your animation, we’ll contact you to add description to it. Go Wild!

Morpheus Photo Morpher Morpheus Photo Warper

Morpheus Photo Morpher

Morpheus Photo Warper

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Morpheus Photo Mixer

Morpheus Photo Animation Suite