Gothic Mood Change

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Thanks to Morpheus user queenb****3769 (are there that many?) for sending this one in. Interestingly enough, there is actually some gothic architecture here – in the romantic moonlit backdrop, complete with tiny bats (of course) – before she dons her high heels and beams down to the red underworld hotel.

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the photo album of the future

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alyssaMorpheus user and YouTube member thomastittle sent us a nice note pointing to his brilliant, remarkable and – yes – enchanting animation of “Alyssa.” You can view the video here. Complete with soundtrack, this is a cinematic, compelling, cleverly-paced use of Morpheus to tell the story of a child’s growth. It exudes all the love of a caring parent, and practically creates a new medium – the photo album of the future. Thanks thomastittle!

Foxy Lady Cartoon Kiss

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It’s nice when a short animation can portray a small action inside the morph, adding motion and narrative to the mix. This submission does that with style, going from the photographic to the cartoon world and sending the viewer a kiss in the process.

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Psychedelic Star Child

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Like a doll come to life in a Stephen King story, or an instantaneous snapshot across the room at the merry prankster’s midnight party, you see her eyes move toward you as she perceives your gaze and the color shift while all else remains the same. Killer concept and execution on this strobe effect morph. We like the butterflies and the sig too.

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The Larry Transformer

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This morphin’ machine will take larrys and other intimidating mugs and turn ‘em into indestructible armor plated robots that run amok in all the playgrounds of the nation. Also useful for creating garden sculptures to keep the crows out & scare the neighbors…

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Turn Yourself Into a Star

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Pretty self-explanatory – of course it helps if you look a whole lot like the star to begin with. Unlike Being John Malkovich, where you could only be Malkovich, with Morpheus you can be(come) anyone…

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Red Pandamonium

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Love the action on the ears! There is a certain family resemblance… Very nicely done, great dynamic feel to this morph. It also helps clear up that age-old question: “Can red pandas touch their tongue to their nose?”

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ImagiNation: The World of Photo Animation

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Morpheus Software has launched its brand spanking new e-publication, ImagiNation. Inside, you’ll find discounts and offers, news, software support and update information and special features designed to help you get the most from your Morpheus Software purchase. If you didn’t get the newsletter email, check it out here.

CherryTap Morphin’ Avatars

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tn_1606638078.gifcherrytap is billed as the “Internet’s first online pub,” and they don’t mean publication. Seems like Morpheus has become a hit among a bunch of the early adoptors of cherrytap, for creating cutting-edge animated user images. cherrytap_logo.gifIt seems to help the community stay one step ahead of their obvious model, MySpace, as all things that come out of the Bay Area are slightly ahead of the curve in terms of style, innovation and sheer audacity. In any case, they’re open 24/7 (though still in stealth mode), and the party never stops. Morpheus at small size works well too – why have a static photo when you can self-display using a sophisticated animation created with Morpheus? We didn’t think of it, but we like it! Users always push the product to limits the developer-creators never dreamed of, and that’s a good thing. Tap into that!

My Toy Dog Beat up Your Pit Bull

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Great work here with the precise layout of dots to get a very centered, symmetrical and dynamic morph. Revenge of the nerd dogs! We also like the subtle shades of gray in the two photos used, adding a further sophistication to the animation.

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I Must Have the Wrong Number

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Odd how the geometry of a room can feel suddenly yanked out from under you, like a proverbial carpet or a tablecloth at a fine dinner. What is the relation of these two women? Guess what, we have no idea either. It’s like “You know, I was just minding my own business, waiting for Bela Lugosi to come by, when suddenly it all changed and I was blond and on the phone — plus the house had changed.” We think David Lynch might enjoy this one; unfortunately that might also mean that not everyone will. Well, we have morphs and animations for all tastes. Sorry for the hiatus, but we’re BAAAACCKKK!

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You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Tan

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Imagine all the morphin’ people…

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We think that everyone has a rock star inside of them, just waiting break out of the obscurity of the day job. Sometimes all it requires is just the right pair of glasses, or a killer animation idea.

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Maria, Mom and the Whitescreen

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This dynamic mother daughter duo created a home-made “bluescreen” – an animation technique from way back – using a sheet to set up a neutral background shared by both shots. Way to go!

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Cat Hat in French Chat Chapeau…

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We like how this animation sets the beach on fire, and reveals the feline inside.

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Cage Travolta Faceoff

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Some of you may remember John Woo’s 1997 thriller Face/Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. The tagline was In order to catch him, he must become him. Well, here’s a little homage to that imperfect piece of cinema with perfect casting…

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Marilyn Uma Facelift

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With this post, we begin a series of experimental animations on celebrities, trying to draw out some of the more dynamic elements made possible by Morpheus. If you have ideas for celebrity combos you’d like to see represented here, let us know by by leaving a comment below or contribute your own!

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Morpheus Featured in Windows Marketplace

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Morpheus Photo Animation Suite is currently featured at Windows Marketplace, right in the sweet spot on the home page. Happy Holidays to all you animaniacs – morphers, mixers and warpers alike. Life is Suite!

Morpheus Featured in Windows Marketplace

Chris Pirillo’s Morphin’ Imagination

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Chris Pirillo, friend of Morpheus and well-known blogger of lockergnome fame (a CNET top-100 blog), clued us in to this recent post where he muses on marriage and offspring. Chris writes: Instead of waxing pathetic about the whole “marriage is the blending of two lives” story, I thought I’d simply illustrate it for you in animated form. We in turn took a screen-grab of a frame somewhere in the middle – to give you the mix of the morph, so to speak…

Commanders in Chief

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Thanks to Morpheus user mr-r34 for this one – great attention to detail here. We like the morphs of the coifs almost as much as that of the nicely-transitioning facial expressions. Definitely a keeper.

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